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Assignment Activities Client Date
Contributing to Pricing Strategy for Development Bank in West Africa Africa

Preparing pricing policy options for a development bank in West Africa to assist that institution with a more systematic and risk-adjusted approach to pricing on its exposures to public and private sector borrowers for it to achieve positive return targets.

ECOWAS Bank and IFCL Limited April-August 2015
Assisted with Energy-Efficient Housing Affordability Program in Armenia Armenia

Served as lead housing finance specialist on KfW-funded energy-efficient housing line of credit to be supported by the Central Bank of Armenia for improved housing stock in Armenia. Provided financial sector indicators, affordability models for various loan products under differing principal and interest rate assumptions, and profiled household incomes and housing markets in urban and rural areas.

Central Bank of Armenia and BFC October-December 2015
Trained Bankers in SME Lending and Marketing Malasia

Trained 28 bankers from 11 countries in Asia and Middle East in SME credit management and marketing.

Quest on the Frontier September 2014
Provided Basel II/III Implementation Assistance to Banking Regulators in Vietnam Vietnam

Worked with the State Bank of Vietnam's Banking Supervision Agency to implement a Basel II/III program. Provided paragraph-by-paragraph guidance on Pillar 1 credit risk management and mitigation, and recommendations on migration from Basel II to Basel III capital definitions.

Banking Supervision Department of State Bank of Vietnam and Cowater International June-July 2014
Developed Financial, Managerial and Operational Enhancements for National Housing Corporation in Barbados Barbados Caribbean

Served as senior consultant to National Housing Corporation of Barbados to improve performance in meeting housing needs and to assist with internal organizational improvements, strengthened financial and risk management, and long-term sustainability.

National Housing Corporation, Caribbean Development Bank and IFCL January-June 2014
Served as SME Banking Expert for training at Central Bank of Bangladesh India Developed banking supervision training materials addressing SME credit risk, financial stability, and adherence to international capital standards. Bangladesh Bank Training Academy and Human Dynamics July 2013-February 2014
Served as Housing Finance Specialist for major urban planning strategy for Djibouti India Worked with Government of Djibouti to develop new approaches to housing finance to address severe housing shortages and quality issues, and to make the market more responsive to household shelter needs. World Bank June 2013-December 2013
Advised Central Bank of Armenia on high-ratio lending possibilities for housing purchases Armenia Reviewed feasibility of six financing options—mortgage default insurance, loan guarantee fund, second mortgage financing, term life insurance pledges, mortgage life insurance, and over-collateralization schemes. Central Bank of Armenia and KfW October 2012-January 2013
Served as Advisor on Housing Finance issues in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Assessed banks for participation as active lenders in rural housing. Reviewing general status of financial sector, both banking and the non-bank financial sector. Asian Development Bank November 2012-March 2013
Served as Team Leader for Integrated Risk Management at National Mortgage Corporation in Armenia (subsidiary of the Central Bank of Armenia) Armenia Led workshops, assessed current risk management system, identified gaps with leading practices, and made recommendations to better match requirements with future funding plans. KfW and BFC GmbH 2012
Served as Benchmarking Advisor on Eurasia financial stability project Europe Bosnia Serbia Worked with team to establish key indicators, reviewed regional and country-specific developments, identified trends and vulnerabilities, and reviewed grant research requests. USAID and Deloitte Consulting 2010-2012
Served as Advisor to the Banking Supervision Agencies of Bosnia-Herzegovina Europe Bosnia Serbia Europe Bosnia Serbia

Provided ongoing advisory services to the banking supervision agencies of Bosnia-Herzegovina with implementation of their Basel II strategy, with particular focus on credit risk issues and strengthening of systems for ongoing surveillance in support of underlying financial stability. USAID and Chemonics International 2010-2013
Review of public-private partnerships and suitability for investment Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Developed position paper on risks and feasibility of fixed income investments in Canadian Public-Private Partnership market for CMHC's investment portfolio. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2012
Financial risk management policy consolidationCanada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Coordinated effort to consolidate financial risk management policies of CMHC's securitization, mortgage default insurance, and assisted housing activities within the broader context of enterprise risk management requirements. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2010-2012
Development of business plan for mortgage default insurance in South Africa Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Assisted team in developing a business and implementation plan for establishment and operation of a mortgage default insurance company in South Africa for the National Housing Finance Corporation of South Africa. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2010
Review of government plans for housing policy and finance reform Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Reviewed Syrian government reform plans in housing and housing finance markets, and made recommendations for housing finance development and reform to the government. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2009
Strategic planning for Real Estate Bank in Syria Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Directed training and facilitated strategic planning discussions for the Real Estate Bank of Syria. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2009
Development of business plan for Government Housing Agency in Saudi Arabia Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Coordinated a team that developed a business plan for General Housing Authority of Saudi Arabia involving beneficiaries, programs, budget, operations, risk management, performance indicators, and market analysis functions. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2009-2010
Summary of 11 housing agency models for Government Housing Agency in Saudi Arabia Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Summarized 11 housing agency models for the General Housing Authority of Saudi Arabia. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2009
Development of a business plan for mortgage lending operations in Saudi Arabia Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Led a team that developed a business plan and implementation plan for a non-bank mortgage finance company in Saudi Arabia. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2007-2009
Assessed Serbian economy and financial sector Europe Bosnia Serbia Assessed Serbian economy and made recommendations to USAID for future assistance to the financial sector. USAID 2009
Designed Basel II implementation framework for the banking supervision agencies of Bosnia-Herzegovina and central bank Europe Bosnia Designed Basel II implementation framework for the banking supervision agencies of Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as guidance on coordination with the central bank regarding financial stability indicators. Drafted strategy for Working Groups for implementation. USAID and Chemonics International 2008-2010
Basel II Implementation Plan Design Europe Bosnia Designed a framework and strategy for the two banking supervision agencies of Bosnia-Herzegovina to implement Basel II for the banking system, with linkage to financial stability indicators monitored by the central bank. USAID and Chemonics International 2008
Assessed feasibility of establishing a new SME lending institution in Barbados Barbados Latin America Evaluated market prospects for establishment of a new SME non-bank lending institution in Barbados for the Barbados market. Development Finance Ltd. 2008
Prepared framework agreement for a development bank in the Caribbean Caribbean Latin America Worked with a majority-private development bank in Trinidad and Tobago to develop a strategic plan and budget for small enterprise lending in multiple Caribbean markets. Development Finance Ltd. 2008
Conducted a Basel Core Principles Assessment in Bosnia-Herzegovina Europe Bosnia Conducted a Basel Core Principles assessment in Bosnia-Herzegovina, identifying gaps in compliance as well as developing a road map for eventual compliance with Basel II requirements. The assignment also highlighted gaps in compliance with recognized practices of the European Union. USAID and Chemonics International 2008
Trained bankers and regulators in residential mortgage lending in Pakistan Pakistan Directed Needs Assessment of Pakistani banks, developed mortgage finance training materials, and delivered training to bankers and regulators in Pakistan in mortgage lending and regulation State Bank of Pakistan, IFC and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2007
Conducted mortgage funding assessments in Europe and Asia Europe, Asia Directed data-gathering and review of mortgage funding mechanisms in European and Asian markets for comparison with Canadian funding models. IFCL and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2007
Housing and micro-finance initiatives in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan, Asia Reviewed the current status of housing and micro-finance in Uzbekistan and made recommendations for further development of each, including via linkages to/through the banking system. World Bank 2006
Banker training in Georgia Georgia, Asia Developed options for implementation of a certified banker training program in Georgia. International Executive Service Corps 2006
Financial Institutions Law in Lao PDR Lao PDR, Laos, Malasia, Indonesia, Asia Administered contract to assist the central bank and parliament draft new financial sector legislation. International Finance Corporation 2006
Review of investment prospects in Vietnamese banking sector Vietnam Reviewed current market structure, financial performance, comparison of Vietnamese banks with regional peer markets, opportunities and risks. Bank Turan Alem Development Investments (Vietnam) Company, Ltd. 2006
Prospects for mortgage-backed securitization in Bangladesh Bangladesh Reviewed primary and secondary market activity, financial sector legal and regulatory framework, and tax considerations on financial instruments, identified gaps, and provided strategic options. International Finance Corporation and Crimson Capital 2006
Financial sector trends in Malaysia Malaysia Evaluated recent financial sector regulatory trends in Malaysia, including Basel II implementation and convergence with IOSCO standards in securities markets. Asian Development Bank and Ernst & Young 2006
Strategic plan for Bank of Montserrat Montserrat Latin America Worked with a team to develop a five-year strategic plan for the Bank consistent with Basel II and development needs of the domestic economy as the region undergoes liberalization of trade in goods and services. Bank of Montserrat and Caribbean Development Bank 2006
Directed a financial sector assessment of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Asia Updated 2004 assessment, including review of banking, leasing, securities markets, insurance, pension reform, non-bank credit and financial stability assessment. USAID 2006
Reviewed Basel II and Implications of Mortgage Default Insurance on Capital Calculations Canada Reviewed new Basel Capital Accord and identified provisions where capital calculations could be influenced by mortgage default insurance, and evaluated approaches of several advanced economies in individual country treatment of their own risk weights and regulatory capital implications. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2006
Directed feasibility study of financial stability initiatives in CIS region CIS Responsible for interviewing about 250 public and private sector officials in banking, insurance, pension, capital markets and other financial sector fields to determine feasibility of financial stability TA and training initiatives. USAID and Segura Consulting/IP3 2005-2006
Financial sector capacity assessment in Ukraine Ukraine, Europe Assessed institutional capacity for multi-country coordination on financial stability issues. USAID and Segura Consulting/IP3 2005
Provided training in banking, insurance and related financial sector topics Global Worked with team of experts to design training materials and delivered training sessions to economists and desk officers on financial sector matters. USAID and IBM 2005
Budgeting, strategic planning and management reporting Global Assisted Human Development Network with results-based planning and reporting, and more precise measures to evaluate performance as part of a quarterly management review. World Bank 2005
International housing finance assessment Global Directed international housing finance study of 23 countries for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2005
Banker training and development in Vietnam Vietnam, Asia Developed credit and portfolio risk management manuals and training materials for Vietnamese bankers with Vietnam’s Bank Training Center and conducted training seminars for bankers and bank trainers. International Finance Corporation and Bank Training Center 2005
Evaluation of effectiveness of FDI-related technical assistance Global Evaluated programs and made recommendations related to the promotion of foreign direct investment into emerging markets for the Multilateral Investment Guaranty Agency and PricewaterhouseCoopers. MIGA and Price Waterhouse Coopers 2005
Corporate governance in the state enterprise sector of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan, Asia Provided guidance on corporate governance principles for state enterprises based on OECD guidelines and lessons from numerous country experiences to the Government of Kazakhstan and the World Bank. World Bank 2005
SME finance development Georgia, Asia Developed recommendations for SME finance and development activity for USAID in Georgia. USAID 2005
Financial sector policy notes for Ukraine Ukraine, Europe Drafted several policy notes related to potential risks in Ukraine resulting from political instability, and made recommendations for risk containment and institutional reforms. World Bank 2004
Financial sector assessment of Armenia Armenia, Asia Served as team leader for comprehensive assessment of banking, pension, insurance, securities markets, leasing, housing finance, and related financial sector issues, and made strategic recommendations for reform. Emerging Markets Group and USAID 2004
Mortgage finance assessment in Macedonia Macedonia, Europe Reviewed banking and mortgage finance trends, evaluated legal and institutional framework for mortgage finance development, and made recommendations for eventual movement to secondary market mechanisms. Deloitte Emerging Markets 2004
Capital markets assessment in Romania Romania, Europe Evaluated the Romanian capital markets and made recommendations for further development and convergence with EU standards. World Bank 2004
Banking sector assessment of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Asia Conducted a diagnostic assessment of banking sector trends and developments, and made recommendations to USAID on options for technical assistance and programming. USAID 2004
Strategy notes for Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania Bulgaria Croatia Romania Europe Drafted financial and private sector strategy notes on Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. World Bank 2003
Reviewed financial sector reform strategy in Afghanistan Afghanistan Asia Evaluated post-conflict developments, banking trends, micro-finance groups, hawala, and recommendations for formal financial sector development and modernization in Afghanistan. World Bank 2003
Fiscal costs of state banks Global Europe Asia Evaluated direct fiscal costs of transition country recapitalization and bad asset transfers related to state-owned banks. World Bank 2003
Structural reform in Egypt Middle East Africa Reviewed recent developments in the financial and private sectors of Egypt and provided recommendations for reforms to be pursued from 2004-08 to develop a more knowledge-based economy. World Bank 2003
Post-sanctions assistance to Iraq Middle East Edited paper and made substantive recommendations on how the World Bank could play a coordinating role in monitoring sanctions and "failed state" performance, and coordinating post-conflict assistance. World Bank 2003
Financial sector assessment in the Caribbean Latin America Antigua St. Lucia Dominica St. Vincent St. Kitts Trinidad Focused effort on (i) remittance flows, macroeconomic impact, sources and uses, institutional mechanisms of transmission, and recommendations to facilitate flows at cheaper cost to senders and recipients, and in a manner that strengthens the economy and financial sector, and (ii) specific country briefs. Deloitte Emerging Markets and USAID 2003
Crisis and reform in transition country banking systems Europe Albania Bulgaria Russia Turkey Ukraine Asia Briefly assessed post-crisis reform responses in transition country banking sectors after major collapses occurred. World Bank 2003
Developed bank reorganization plan in Afghanistan Afghanistan Asia Evaluated business plan for restructuring of existing state banks, and reviewed redeployment plans for employees of other banks as part of civil service reform program of Government of Afghanistan. World Bank 2003
Conducted assessment of Bosnian financial sector Europe Bosnia Evaluated changes to the Bosnian banking, insurance and securities markets from one year earlier, and combined with a team to design new savings instruments. Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau and Bankakademie International 2003
Drafted background information for financial sector strategy development in Latin America and Caribbean Latin America Caribbean Provided comprehensive input into financial sector strategy development for the Latin America-Caribbean region. World Bank 2003
Assessment of prospects for a postal payment and savings system in Afghanistan Afghanistan Asia Led a team to evaluate prospects for utilization of the national postal system as a mechanism for individualized payments and medium-term resource mobilization while the banking sector is reorganized. Bearing Point and USAID 2003
Financial sector and private sector ratings Global Europe Asia Albania Azerbaijan Bosnia Bulgaria Croatia Czech Estonia Macedonia Georgia Hungary Kosovo Moldova Poland Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Ukraine Refined existing country rating system on financial stability, financial sector depth, and private sector competitiveness issues in the Europe and Central Asia region for the World Bank. World Bank 2003
Transition country domestic bond market developments Global Europe Croatia Asia Kazakhstan Romania Ukraine Evaluated local corporate bond market trends in selected transition countries. Deloitte Emerging Markets and USAID 2003
Global review of mortgage insurance systems Global North America Canada US Europe Asia Hong Kong Israel Estonia China India Evaluated the role of mortgage insurance in Canadian, US, European, Asia/Pacific and other housing finance markets. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2002
Drafted background information for private sector and financial sector strategy development in Europe and Central Asia Global Albania Azerbaijan Bosnia Bulgaria Croatia Czech Estonia Macedonia Georgia Hungary Kosovo Moldova Poland Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Ukraine Asia Provided comprehensive input into private sector and financial sector strategy development for the Europe and Central Asia region based on World Bank Group strategy imperatives. World Bank 2002
Preparation of detailed administrative framework agreement for line of credit in Bosnia-Herzegovina Europe Developed a detailed agreement for the Upper Vrbas Farmers' Association and UPI Bank in Bosnia-Herzegovina for management of a $1 million line of credit to provide financing and marketing assistance. Partners for Development 2002
Assessment of leasing and mortgage finance markets in Ukraine Europe Reviewed trends and identified potential risks to financial sector stability in the leasing and mortgage finance markets in Ukraine for the World Bank. World Bank 2002
Financial sector assessment of Bosnia-Herzegovina Europe Conducted a comprehensive assessment of Bosnia's banking and nascent non-bank financial sector, and made recommendations on more effective applications of technical assistance for USAID. KPMG Consulting and USAID 2002
Financial sector trends in the Balkan region Europe Albania Bosnia Bulgaria Croatia Macedonia Romania Serbia Slovenia Compiled data and analyzed trends since 1995 for a USAID conference. KPMG Consulting and USAID 2002
Financial sector assessment of FYR Macedonia Europe Directed a comprehensive assessment of FYR Macedonia's financial sector, including banking, capital markets, insurance, pension reform, other non-bank institutions, and associated regulatory and supervisory issues. KPMG Consulting and USAID 2002
Post-privatization policy reforms for Bulgaria's Private Sector Adjustment Loan Europe Developed database indicators, survey instrument, and survey terms of reference, and then made policy recommendations based on evaluation of primary and secondary source material.World Bank and Government of Bulgaria 2001-2002
Mortgage finance development in Yugoslavia Serbia Europe Produced a comprehensive assessment of prospects and requirements for development of a viable market-based mortgage finance system for residential and commercial property development. USAID-Yugoslavia 2001
Mortgage finance trends around the globe, including in transition Europe Global North America US Canada Europe Assessed mortgage finance legal framework, products, services and market trends in North America and Europe to develop a framework for mortgage finance development in transition/emerging markets. USAID 2001
Three specialized studies for the second Romania Private Sector Adjustment Loan Europe Reviewed existing Treasury bill market, credit information bureau, and status of privatization and restructuring plans of remaining state banks and made recommendations on how to move towards lower cost government financing, better information, and the exit of the state from banking. World Bank 2001
Banking sector assessment of Bulgaria Europe Conducted a comprehensive assessment of Bulgaria's banking sector, including progress since 1997, comparative assessment against other transition countries, identification of potential risks to financial sector stability, and recommendations for future assistance. USAID-Bulgaria 2001
Evaluation of lending and micro-finance in Kosovo Europe Evaluated role of licensed banks, micro-finance institutions, and regulatory regime to determine areas of weakness and financial intermediation trends, and potential links between banks and MFIs. World Bank 2001
Evaluation of structural adjustment in four poor transition countries Europe Asia Albania Azerbaijan Kyrgyz Republic Moldova Coordinated major research and publication effort focused on lessons from Albania, Azerbaijan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Moldova in areas of financial sector reform and private sector development. World Bank 2001
Restructuring and privatization guidelines for two state banks in Ukraine Europe Assessed financial and management condition of the banks and provided recommendations on near-term reform efforts to move towards privatization. World Bank 2001
Conference notes for banking supervision developments in Central and Eastern Europe Global Europe Asia Albania Azerbaijan Bosnia Bulgaria Croatia Czech Estonia Macedonia Georgia Hungary Kosovo Moldova Poland Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Ukraine Edited conference notes, and prepared executive summary for web-based presentation of banking supervision conference proceedings in Poland. KPMG/The Barents Group and USAID 2000
Performance review of Private Sector Adjustment Loan in Romania Europe Conducted a performance review of the first Private Sector Adjustment Loan in Romania. World Bank 2000
Banking sector assessment of Poland Europe Conducted a comprehensive assessment of Poland's banking sector, including review of major trends and identification of potential risks to financial sector stability. KPMG/The Barents Group and USAID 2000
Financial management reform of global UNDP operations Global Africa Europe Worked with UNDP staff and prime contractor to improve financial management controls consistent with new strategic objectives of the organization. Strategic Partners International and UNDP 2000
Financial sector reform in Romania Europe Designed privatization, regulatory and operational parameters for reform of the Romanian banking system consistent with European Union accession objectives, and as part of larger structural adjustment operation. World Bank 2000
Review of banking sector reform strategies in East Asia Indonesia Korea Malaysia Thailand Assessed differing approaches to and results from banking sector restructuring programs in Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. KPMG/The Barents Group 2000
Bank privatization and resolution options in Slovakia Europe Assessed bank privatization prospects and workout strategy for Slovakia. KPMG/The Barents Group and USAID 1999
Line of credit in Kosovo Europe Designed SME line of credit framework for Kosovo involving credit, business advisory services, and out-of-court arbitration. World Bank 1999
Financing strategies and instruments for Ghana's cocoa sector Africa Developed financing strategies for cocoa sector restructuring and capital markets development in Ghana. Sigma One Corporation 1999
Bank resolution in Romania Europe Reviewed privatization prospects, liquidation procedures and restructuring efforts in banking sector of Romania. World Bank 1999
Financial and private sector development in Romania Europe Assisted with conceptualization of Romania Private Sector Adjustment Loan.World Bank 1999
Restructuring progress in East Asia China Indonesia Korea Malaysia Philippines Thailand Vietnam Reviewed progress to date in the financial and corporate sectors of China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam in the aftermath of the 1997 financial crisis. World Bank 1999
Data base and financial sector reviews of transition economies Global Europe Asia Albania Azerbaijan Bosnia Bulgaria Croatia Czech Estonia Macedonia Georgia Hungary Kosovo Moldova Poland Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Ukraine Developed comprehensive 27-country data base for transition economies in Europe and Central Asia focusing on financial sector issues. World Bank 1998-1999
Personnel reorganization at the U.S. Forestry Service North America US Participated in personnel review of a regional unit of the U.S. Forestry Service. Strategic Partners International and USG 1998-1999
Data base and progress reports on transition economies Global Europe Asia Albania Azerbaijan Bosnia Bulgaria Croatia Czech Estonia Macedonia Georgia Hungary Kosovo Moldova Poland Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Ukraine Developed five-year regional banking sector and capital markets indicators for USAID ENI/PER. USAID 1998
Review of banking sector developments in Georgia Europe Georgia Asia Conducted risk assessment of Georgian banking sector based on macro and structural issues. KPMG/The Barents Group and USAID 1998
Assessment of prospects for interest rate deregulation in Hong Kong Asia Finalized a financial sensitivity model for the Hong Kong Monetary Authority as part of an assessment reviewing potential deregulation and positioning of Hong Kong as a financial center. KPMG/The Barents Group and Hong Kong Monetary Authority 1998
Review of collection agency practices North America US Assessed Maryland State collection practices for delinquent tax payers, including legal rights and procedures, financial restructuring options, and communications practices. Strategic Partners International 1998
Review of banking supervision outreach activities in Central and Eastern Europe Czech Estonia Hungary Poland Slovenia Reviewed banking supervision capacity and training options for transition European financial sectors. USAID 1998
Review of financial sector trends in Central and Eastern Europe Bulgaria Hungary Poland Ukraine Conducted risk assessments of four Central/East European banking sectors: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. USAID 1998
Development of banking sector risk matrix Global Europe Asia Developed a comprehensive commercial banking matrix for performance review, assessment of international efforts in support of financial sector development, and strategic and institutional options for ongoing assistance as needed. USAID 1998
Managed the financial portion of a feasibility study for a brick-making factory in Bosnia-Herzegovina Europe Ran out sensitivity analyses and determined feasible financing options for direct investment, leasing and other arrangements in an existing manufacturing plant. Trade and Development Agency and Concrete Services Network 1998
Review of strategy for newly established credit institution in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina Europe Reviewed plans to transform an SME loan underwriting institution into a vehicle for long-term project financing based on universal banking principles. World Bank 1998
Launched and edited financial newsletter Global Helped a major consulting firm launch a newsletter for their Financial Sector Regulatory Practice, conducting research to enhance input from on-site advisors and headquarters staff, and editing articles on a range of financial regulatory issues in emerging markets. KPMG/The Barents Group 1998
Review of Department of Defense transportation payments systems North America US Conducted Activity Based Costing analysis of the Directorate of Transportation Payments at the Defense Finance and Accounting System center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Arthur Andersen Consulting and Strategic Partners International 1997
Presentation to Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Czech Hungary Poland Ukraine Made presentation at Chicago Federal Reserve Bank on banking sector reform in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. World Bank 1997
Financial sector discussion papers Global Prepared financial sector thought pieces on international trends in emerging markets for distribution and publication. KPMG/The Barents Group 1997
Review of development finance institutions in India Colombia India Korea Portugal Singapore Prepared best practices paper on development banks in five countries as part of a review of development banks in India. Price Waterhouse 1997
Review of project implementation for major adjustment loan to Poland Europe Assessed implementation of $500 million loan to Poland involving financial sector reform, enterprise privatization, and strengthened banking supervision. World Bank 1997
Profile of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Europe Asia Described operations and country strategic programs for possible involvement with private financial services companies in emerging markets. Kleiman International 1997
Line of credit to private enterprises through commercial banks in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina Europe Reviewed project and financial performance from a credit management, commercial banking system, and bank regulatory perspective. World Bank 1996-1997